Menu offerings change due to seasonal availability.


Schnitzelwich -"The Chosen Sandwich"

Chicken schnitzel with caraway honey, horseradish aioli, cabbage slaw & optional chopped liver schmear on an Acme roll

Old World Reuben

house cured corned beef & sauerkraut with whole grain mustard and brandied Russian dressing on NY Rye

Smoked Mushroom

Portabella  mushroom, smoked with paprika and pastrami spiced marinade, house made farmers' cheese spread and greens on an Acme roll

Smoked Whitefish

Acme smoked whitefish, celery,caper, pickled red onion, and dill. Topped with housemade  B& B pickle and greens.

Sloppy Jew

Sweet and tangy Pulled Brisket with golden raisnin. Maldon celery salt. B&B pickle. Cabbabe Slaw. Acme Bun


Pierogi: Pan fried Polish style dumplings


Yukon potato and farmer's cheese filling. Topped with caraway sour cream, pepper relish, and fried onion




Beet and vegetable soup served with sour cream, fresh dill and croutons

Chicken Noodle-"Jewish Penincillin"

Roasted Chicken broth, chicken, egg noodle, carrot, fresh dill, and chicken skin gribenes


Reuben Tacos

House cured corned beef, sauerkraut, pickled green tomato and mustard seed salsa, and brandied Russian dressing, on corn tortilla