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Jewish Catering

Private Events

Experienced in both corporate and private catering; we offer a variety of options to fit your occasion and budget. Book the truck and make a fun impression with off the truck service. A great option for casual weddings, office lunches or conferences. Our unique and contemporary take on Eastern European and Jewish cuisine featuring traditional recipes adjusted to highlight local and seasonal flavors is sure to be appreciated by those just discovering these dishes, as well those familiar.

If you’re not able to accommodate our truck, we can offer drop off catering too. Please contact us for additional info.

Full Service Catering

For a more formal occasion, we can offer full service catering with passed hors d’oeuvres and either a seated or buffet style dinner. Let us celebrate your special occasion with a menu tailored to fit; drawing on our knowledge of this regional cuisine to highlight the best of the East European and Jewish tradition with modern preparation and presentation. We do not have strict kosher facilities and therefore cannot offer kosher catering, however we can structure menus to be either protein or fish/dairy oriented to be kosher style. Below is a list of passed and stationary hors d’oeuvres that provide a sample and scope of what we can offer for your occasion.

Sample hors d’oeuvre menu (passed or stationary)

Latke Tasting

Yukon potato and roasted garlic

Sweet Potato and caramelized onion

Parsnip and herb

with house made spiced apple sauce

Buckwheat blintz with smoked salmon

House hot-smoked salmon, caper, horseradish crème fraiche, pickled shallot, and herb

Smoked Codfish salad

Apple wood smoked local cod, aioli, pickled shallot, herb, and lemon

served on rye toasts

Fulton Valley Chopped liver

Fulton Valley liver, hard cooked egg, schmaltz fried onion, pickled shallot, herbs on schmaltz toasts

Veggie chopped “liver” toast

Made from caramelized onion, walnuts, hard cooked egg, and seasonable vegetable

served on rye toast

Mini Polish cabbage rolls

Stuffed with either rice and mushroom filling or rice and beef filling, topped with a spiced tomato sauce

Small pierog

Potato and goat cheese

Winter Squash and farmers’ cheese

Mushroom and cabbage

Brisket with currant and aromatic spices

All topped with caraway sour cream and fried shallot

Schnitzel slider

Breaded chicken cutlet on mini brioche with paprika-caraway honey, apple and cabbage slaw, pickled onion and horseradish aioli

Can be made with portabella mushroom or eggplant “schnitzel” for vegetarian/dairy menu

“Old World” Antipasto platter (meat or dairy variation)

Platter of house smoked fish, chopped liver or veggie chopped “liver”, vinegar and salt fermented vegetable pickles, whole grain mustard, toasts

Israeli Style Mezze platter

Hoummus with foul (fava), Baba Ganouj, Matboucha (red pepper & tomato spread), and olive spread with pita toasts